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WAYNE- Parents are the most important and beloved ones in our lives. However, when we grow up, we are not as close to our parents as we used to be. What makes such a big difference? How do we genuinely understand each other? Wayne will share how he seeks to understand and then to be understood from conflicts and further creates excellent interaction with his father.

LILY - Everyone is afraid of something, such as heights or water. Did you miss the opportunity to experience life or surpass yourself merely because of your fear? Lily will share how she recognizes her fears, transforms them, and then truly enjoys the present.

DAVID- When it comes to travel, most people would think of something beautiful, such as expanding your horizons or a dream come true. But have you wondered what difficulties you might encounter during the trips, from being lost to being in danger? David will share the sweetness and bitterness during his journeys. Through overcoming these difficulties, you will truly enjoy the beautiful views of your life.

BELLE-The Michelin star chef, Tomas Keller, truly believes that "Cooks cook to nurture people." As a home chef, I cook delicious, nutritious food to nurture my body and soul. I cook because I care.

Shashanka-Born in India, he is an engineer in Taiwan now. During his student life, he had moved to a far city. Then, he moved to Taiwan. How could he adapt the different culture easily? Let's listen to his encouraging story.

Smita-What's the secret to maintain a long-distance relationship? Is it a true love? Can miles separate you from your loved one? Smita will share her experience of how to overcome complications and live and enjoy circumstances that comes in your path of life.

Time:2019/8/10(Sat.) 14:00-16:30 Venue:藝秀設計影像工作室(台北市大同區承德路三段63號)

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13:30-14:00 Check in 14:00-14:02 Opening 14:02-14:05 TAI-how-WAN video   14:05-14:10 Welcome speech 14:10-14:30 Keynote speech: My writing life 14:30-14:45 David: Issues to face during the journey 14:45-15:00 Belle: Cooking as self-care 15:00-15:15 Shashanka: Adapt easily to new environments 15:15-15:30 Wayne: Acceptance takes time-the story with my dad 15:30-15:45 Lily: Face your fear 15:45-16:00 Smita: How to manage a cross-country marriag 16:00-16:10 Q&A

Special thanks to AIESEC in Taiwan

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