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Tea'in: A relaxing city tour in Dadaochen


Author/ Sunny Hsu

【🌏Activities Review】

At 29th September, we came to Dihua Street in Dadaochen.

To know more tea culture and experience the atmosphere. What's even better is that we create memories together. You could go with the video. The link is below the article. Let’s looking back the activity. 👀

First, we met up in the park. Could you guess where we come from? Most of us are Taiwanese. Two are Indians. One is Japanese. Then we came into Wang Tea to learn the process of making tea. One of Indian, Smita, was curious about Taiwanese tea. In their country, they just have hot teas, but in Taiwan, they could choose hot or iced one. She also mentioned they just had several teas in India. Not like Taiwan. It deserved a kingdom of teas. 👑

Next, it was time to play games. We divided in two groups and there were two levels to challenge. One was Photo Shooting Time. You need to take the photo in front of each three appointed sites. When we got into Yongle Textile Market, Smita said, “I feel I come back hometown.” There are crowed and diverse clothes. She couldn’t bear to leave here. The other team was chiller. They chat in Tofu Pudding store directly. The other Indian, Harshit, was confused how to do this food? This is real hard to explain. Do you have any idea ⁉️

Finally, we stop in Chengpion Taiwan Tea. When we got in, we could smell the flavor of tea. Sophie told the history of tea and the master introduced how to draw tea. The boss said,” Drawing tea in Taiwan is much more than tasting its flavor and smelling its aroma. It is also a media to get people closer together.” 🍵

We understood more tea culture and made new friends. We came from different backgrounds, however, we got together due to tea. This is a great experience. Hope next time could have more people to join it. 📝

#Thank @有記茗茶 for explaining tea.

#Thank @埕畔茶坊 for providing the place and drawing tea to us.

#Thank @樂寫@瘋城部落 for holding the activity.

The link for video:https://www.facebook.com/taihowwan/videos/253918335269817/

See you next time.

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