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Let me tell you the story about Dihua Street

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

There are more people raise the awareness to preserve everything about Taiwan such as Taiwanese culture, traditional art, historical sites, old streets, etc. To understand and cherish our specific culture is what Taiwanese do know. Not only to maintain the development of traditional industry, teenagers even come up with the new ideas to make the products more creative with amazing packages and marketing strategies. A lots of coffee shops and hostels are reconstructed by the old building within the retro trending, such as located in sanheyuan. Many old streets in every cities become the popular tourist spots for Taiwanese as well. In addition, residents in a lots of small villages starts developing and promoting their own local characters. In this way, not merely can building the strong bond of villages, this also can attract the tourist to prompt the tourist industry.

↓Let me tell you the story about Dihua Street down below↓

Dihua Street

Dihua Street (Díhuà Jiē) is a street located in the Dadaocheng area of Datong District, Taipei, Taiwan. A lot of history, economic and social situation happened in this legendary street. In the 19th century, this district was popular for producing the tea. As the prosperous development, Datong District own the most active commercial business. The industry of cloth, groceries and dry foods and Chinese medicine were attracted to gather in the prosperous area. Thus, the appearance of buildings turns out to be the combination of western-style, Baroque, South Foukien and modernist architecture.

New Culture Movement (Under Japan’s rule: Japanese Taiwan)

prosperous development of art

鄧雨賢Tēng Ú-hiân、郭雪湖Kueh Suat-ôo

  • In 1977,

Due to popular industries, it attracts lots of people to visit.

Thus, the roads were broaden.

→The local residents disagree with the destroying action changed the original appearance of the street. Then, they promoted the “I love Dihua Street” project actively to be opposed to the tear down plan.

  • In 1995, the tear down plan was be canceled.

→A lot of buildings were be preserve after this.

The vendors gathering together to discuss how to develop a better tourist industry. Then, they find out that lots of stores sell the foods and goods related to the needed during Chinese New Year. Thus, the “New Year's Market” project has been conducted since 1996.

  • “New Year's Market” project

The project is carried out a half month before the Chinese New Year. The vendors sell the food and decorations for the festival. The loud selling sound from vendors and lots of visitors and buyers make the street crowded and full of the strong festival atmosphere.

URS project

Except for the efforts taken by the local vendors, some teenagers join this project to prompt the creative cultural industry. They mix old art or buildings with their creative ideas to become an attractive spots and products such as retro coffee shop and special stationary.

It is successful that everyone try to preserve the historical sites and develop the tourist industry based on their local characters at the same time. Not only lots of Japanese and Korean tourists enjoy visiting here, so do Taiwanese.

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