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12月19日 週六




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Time & Location

2020年12月19日 下午3:00 – 下午5:30

大稻埕码头, 103台湾台北市大同区大稻埕码头

About The Event

18世紀末因淡水港的開放使大稻埕成為商貿繁榮、人文薈萃之地,在歷史悠久的古老街區中擁有深厚歷史傳承的百年老舖,例如: 傳統民俗、茶行、布行、中藥材行等,到處都有舊城的歷史軌跡。



At the end of the 18th century, the opening of Danshui Port made Dadaocheng a place of prosperity for business and cultural gathering. A century-old shop with a deep heritage in the historic district, such as: traditional folk customs, tea shops, cloth shops, Chinese herbal medicine shops, etc., there are historical traces of the old city everywhere.

Let us follow in the footsteps of the guide teacher, walk around the cultural district of Dadaocheng, and experience the traditional culture and tea art experience of Dadaocheng.

Through the English guided tour, foreign friends can learn more about Dadaocheng and tea culture.


導覽 · 文化街區與百年建築

聆聽 · 在地故事與街區歷史

體驗 · 傳統文化與茶藝體驗

In the process, we will bring you

Guided Tour · Cultural District and Centennial Architecture

Listening · Local stories and neighborhood history

Experience · Traditional culture and tea art experience

 路線: 埕畔茶坊-品茶體驗→永樂市場 → 小藝埕 → 台北霞海城隍廟(拜月老) → 民藝埕 → 合藝埕 → 學藝埕 → 台灣風雜貨舖 → 迪化街207博物館 → 合興壹玖肆柒 → 大稻埕碼頭市集

Route: CHENGPION Taiwan Tea -Tea Experience→ Yongle Market → ArtYard→ Xiahai City God Temple (Worshipping the Moon) → ArtYard→ Heyicheng → Xueyicheng → Taiwanese Style Grocery Store → Dihua Street 207 Museum → Hexing Yijiu Siqi → Dadaocheng Wharf Market


 Activity : Learn about the cultural history, traditional culture and tea art experience of Dihua Street through an English guided tour 


Target: Foreigners in Taiwan or Taiwanese

導覽時間:2020年12月19日(六) 3:00-5:30

Tour time: December 19, 2020 (Sat) 3:00-5:30


Meeting place: CHENGPION Taiwan Tea -Tea Experience


Organizer: Taihowwantour

 導 覽 者:瘋城部落導覽老師

Guide : Taihowwantour Guide teacher


 fee: 300 yuan per person(Free for children who don’t occupy a seat or experience tea tasting) 

 費用包含:導覽費用、品茶費用 等。

Expenses include: guide fees, tea tasting fees, insurance, etc.



Depending on the time of the tour and the actual situation, the visiting route or scenic spot will be slightly adjusted.


Participants agree that the Taihowwantour will be able to regularly or irregularly send information related to various activities, goods or services to the participants’ emails.


Participants agree that the ownership of the shooting, photography, and recording of the Taihowwantour in the event and the related copyright property rights belong to Goods Travel. The Taihowwantour has the rights to photograph, record and publish in all activities related to this activity, and have the right to produce any form of publicity materials, and may reproduce, publicly display, publicly broadcast, edit and publish And other behaviors.






Friends participating in the activity, please "arrive on time" the meeting place on the same day. Rain or shine.

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If you have any inquiries, please leave a message with FB private message.

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